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Barry Katzman, MD


Barry Katzman, MD

Barry Katzman, MD

Dr. Katzman has dedicated his career and staff to providing the very best result for each patient. He has an interest in advancing investigative technologies to help increase the capability of eye care professionals everywhere. To date, he has participated in over 100 FDA clinical trials and is currently an investigator for various laser, cataract, lens implant, and drug studies.

“As an eye surgeon, my passion comes from the happiness of each patient when they start seeing things clearly again. It really is a life changing event to have your vision restored. I’ve been privileged to help thousands of people enjoy life a little more and that makes it all worth it.”

Patients enjoy being treated by Dr. Katzman because of his genuine concern. He makes himself available weekends, holidays, after hours, or any time that a patient has a problem. Dr. Katzman is very approachable and speaks to people in terms that they understand when it comes to complicated eye conditions.

When he’s not working Dr. Katzman enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He loves most sports but more particularly basketball. Dr. Katzman also donates hundreds of hours/year providing eye care for people affiliated with charitable organizations that cannot afford it otherwise.

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