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Marek Dobke, MD


Marek Dobke, MD

Marek Dobke, MD

Marek Dobke, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast and in facial rejuvenation, as well as in the application of new technologies in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Dobke believes that plastic surgery has multiple facets, and that its scope includes not only restoration of body anatomy or function, but also renewal or improvement of a patient's body image and sense of self-esteem. He advocates the use of telemedicine to provide access to plastic surgery specialists for patients in remote locations.

As a professor in the Department of Surgery and a former head of the Division of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dobke trains medical students, residents and fellows at UC San Diego School of Medicine. He also serves as an advisor and mentor to fourth-year medical students who are interested in a career in plastic and reconstructive medicine.

His research interests include biomaterials, the physiology and pathology of healing processes, scientific foundations and evidence-based aesthetic surgery, and applications of stem-cell based technologies in plastic surgery. He has been the principal and a co-investigator on numerous projects, including one in which he was awarded a grant to study the use of telemedicine for chronic wounds.

Dr. Dobke completed a fellowship in burn research at the University of Texas at Dallas. He did clinical training in general surgery at Texas Tech University and his residency in plastic surgery at UC San Diego School of Medicine. He graduated from the Gdańsk Medical Academy (now Medical University of Gdańsk) in Poland.

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