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Dr. Mohsen El Ramah
Dr. El Ramah specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions of the adult population.
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Valley Physical Therapy has been opened for just about five years in El Centro and is owned and managed by Dr. Mohsen El Ramah. Aside from providing physical therapy Dr. El Ramah has expanded his practice to also offer Valley Medical Imaging and Valley Clinical Services that includes a weight loss clinic and Bio-TE. Bio-TE is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

According to Tara Malcomb, Project Manager, “the Weight Loss Clinic is now running and very successful. We will be taking appointments for Bio-TE beginning April 1, 2021. Physical therapy and Medical Imaging will be opening soon”.

Dr. El Ramah states he is excited to be able to offer his services to the El Centro area as a “one-stop shop for all patient care needs. He and his staff found working with the City of El Centro to be very helpful “…as a matter of fact I would like to thank Adriana for her assistance with obtaining the business licenses. She went out of her way to help meet deadline” states El Ramah.

Valley Physical Therapy

Mohsen El Ramah is a medical doctor and is an Internist and Nephrologist providing primary medical care and kidney care through the Imperial Valley Family Medical Care Group, an independent practice with clinic offices located throughout the Imperial Valley. He is also a member of the University of California San Diego Health Physician Network. The UC San Diego Health Physician Network is an alliance of health care providers based in San Diego, Riverside and Imperial counties. Member collaborate on developing shared systems, infrastructure and quality initiatives to provide high-value health care in the region.

Dr. El Ramah specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions of the adult population. His goal is to provide comprehensive care for the entire spectrum of his patients with specialty services for those who are at risk of having kidney disease and those who are living with all stages of kidney disease.

Dr. Mohsen El Ramah can be reached at:  (760) 352-1731 and  is located at 1550 N. Imperial Ave in El Centro. 

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