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Provider Compliance

OIG/SAM/Medi-Cal Exclusions Screening Attestation

PREMIER PATIENT CARE IPA (PPCIPA) is committed to ensuring that our first-tier, downstream, and related entities (FDR) are in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations, including regulations concerning the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and General Services Administration (GSA). Specifically, the regulations require that all FDRs that participate in the delivery of governmental funded health care programs must review the OIG, GSA System for Awards Management (“SAM”) and Medi-Cal Exclusion Lists upon Initial hiring of or contracting with personnel and on a monthly basis thereafter to ensure that any employee, manager or downstream entity is not on any such list. FDRs must retain documentation to support results. Screen prints of negative results are sufficient.

In order to validate that each FDR has met the requirements, we must obtain a completed Attestation from an authorized representative of every FDR (i.e . Compliance Officer, CEO, CMO, Practice Manager, Provider, Owner, etc.). Please be advised that pursuant to the terms of your agreement with PMS or an affiliated entity, you are required to comply with all applicable federal, state, and municipal rules and regulations and that this request is directly related to such provision. Please also be advised that such screenings are required under the contract between PPCIPA or an affiliated entity, on the one hand, and the health plan, on the other hand.

To assist you with the implementation of your OIG_GSA Exclusion process, we are providing links to the relevant exclusions lists in order to comply with the regulations:

• Exclusions Database

SAM Exclusions

Suspended and Ineligible Provider List

Please note that these three lists do not necessarily overlap and thus all three lists must be checked as to each employee, manager or downstream entity . For example, an employee could be listed on the Medi-Cal exclusion list but not listed on the OIG and SAM exclusion lists.